The PRR 250 ES

Smooth surface,
big help.

Whether doors or stairs – the 60 mm wide sanding sleeve of the PRR 250 ES always achieves a consistent, high material removal rate.

Steep curve,
no problem

Sanding once is enough – with the 60 mm wheel, you can simply save yourself having to re-sand by hand on curved work pieces.

Sanding grooves?
No problem!

No groove is too narrow for the PRR 250 ES – its 10 and 5 mm wide flap wheels nestle precisely into all spaces.

For perfect

Whether handrail or table leg – the 60 and 15 mm wide sanding wheels can handle any curve and even sand severely contoured surfaces.

Brings out the shine
in metal.

You can use the 10 mm brass brush to gently remove varnish, re-sand untidy welded seams or remove stubborn rust.

Great in

The specially shaped conical 30 mm sanding sleeve of the PRR 250 ES makes louvred shutters look like new.
  • Sanding a surface

  • Sanding a curve

  • Sanding grooves

  • Sanding a contour

  • Sanding metal

  • Sanding a space

The PRR 250 ES

For more convenient sanding.

Everything needs to run smoothly in large sanding projects. Changing surfaces and materials means changing tools and sanding by hand. The new PRR 250 ES Sanding Roller from Bosch now puts an end to this. Do you want to sand old paint off doors or pre-sand worn stairs? Compact and easy to operate, the PRR 250 ES with its powerful 250 W motor is perfectly equipped for all tasks – especially on different surfaces. This is due to there being no less than eight specially developed changeable attachments, each with different grits. They are easy to change thanks to the patented SDS system plus they quickly and easily complete difficult sanding work. The attachments are also easy to change thanks to the patented SDS system. Instead of using a variety of tools and painstaking work by hand, all you need is one unique tool for everything: the PRR 250 ES – the first choice for demanding projects.
Dust extraction guard
safe working – the practical dust extraction guard provides reliable protection against flying wood dust and metal particles. This ensures that nothing comes into contact with your face when sanding.
Vacuum cleaner connection
For clean work – with a vacuum cleaner connected the amount of dust and dirt is reduced to a minimum, even during sanding. This allows you to simply sand without leaving behind any excess sand.



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